How to earn free tokens for a Chaturbate account [PROVEN!]

How to earn free tokens in Chaturbate

Want to know how to earn free tokens in Chaturbate?

After all, buying tokens costs a little money, and everything that comes for free is always welcome in any situation whatsoever.

But it is important to say first that there are many offers out there on third party sites promising free tokens to anyone, but most are fake.

Usually these sites require you to buy or sign something, do giant searches, or even scams to steal your personal data or install viruses on your device.

That’s why the 3 methods we present here are fully proven and safe to earn free Chaturbate tokens right now. Check out:

1. Be a premium user

Chaturbate Premium User Upgrade

When you sign up to become a premium Chaturbate user you get 200 tokens for free! That’s right, just sign up and get the benefit on time, ready to use!

In addition, your premium subscription, which costs $19.95 per month, offers you some very interesting benefits:

  • Zero site-wide advertising
  • Font and custom chat colors
  • Private Conversations

However, it is important to say that this subscription only grants these 200 tokens initially, so the tip is to always cancel your subscription just before renewal, so you can sign in again in the future and win the freebie tokens again.

2. Increase your daily token purchase limit

By default, when you create a Chaturbate account you have a daily token purchase limit of 4 times, which can be a bit limiting if you want to have a lot of fun on the platform.

Such a limit is a security method to prevent unwanted or unauthorized purchase of tokens as well as to prevent excessive consumption of content within the site.

But be aware that it is possible to increase this limit, and as an incentive Chaturbate offers a bonus of 200 tokens for those who perform this procedure.

It involves filling out a document, scanning it and then emailing it, but it is another valid option to earn free tokens in Chaturbate.

3. Refer friends to use Chaturbate

If you’re very social, this may be one of the easiest ways to earn free tokens in Chaturbate, and better consistently!

That’s because with each referral of a new user through your link you get 10 tokens . If your referral starts working at Chaturbate doing shows, you can earn up to 500 tokens at one time!

And you can spread this link anywhere from social networks to web sites, substantially increasing your chances of earning tokens without having to make a big effort.

Bonus: Earn free tokens doing shows

I know, this is not for anyone, so I listed it here as a bonus. After all, if you’re here you probably want to earn Chaturbate tokens to see model shows and not become one.

But since templates are paid in tokens, it’s not wrong to say that this is also a way for you to get proven tokens for free.

But if this is an option for you, know that we have a guide on how to become a cam girl or cam boy that can help you get into this profession.

Where are these options in Chaturbate?

Free Chaturbate Tokens Options Page

As stated at the beginning of the article, all of the options we listed above are official, fully safe and proven to earn free tokens.

Because we take this information directly from the Chaturbate site, it is the one who recommends these alternatives to its users.

The page in question that displays these options is located in the blue main menu at the top of the site, named “EARN FREE TOKENS“.

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