Comments Policy (EN)

In order to stimulate discussions, share ideas and opinions, and help others, we provide here in Live Adult Webcam Sites a DISQUS comments system, which is open to all users who wish to participate.

However, we have stipulated some rules in order to guarantee a democratic, safe and healthy space for discussion. Failure to follow these rules may result in non-publication of your comment, removal, or even permanent expulsion from the system.

It is defined as PROHIBITED to the commentator:

  • Passing on to another person, company or institution
  • Publish any pornographic, racist, discriminatory, or offensive content against individuals, companies or institutions
  • Publish any material related to pedophilia and/or exploitation of minors
  • Post any content that is merely advertising (SPAM) or for commercial purposes (affiliate links)
  • Post lots of comments in sequence, with little addition of information or content value, just to “flood” or stand out
  • Post comments without any connection to the subject or topic addressed in the respective post (off topic)
  • Publish any content in whole or in part from any other project online and offline
  • Publish any content that encourages, engages or references activities prohibited by law or religious preaching
  • Use in bad faith the system of comments to share viruses, practice data theft, or any other harmful activity to the site and/or other users.

All published comments are of the total authorship and legal responsibility of the commentator.

The Live Adult Webcam Sites reserve the right to delete or not publish any comment you want , even if it is in accordance with the above rules without any notice.

This policy is valid for the entire site and may be changed at any time without notice. We recommend your reading before your 1st comment and periodically in order to be aware of updates in the text.

We also recommend that you read our Privacy Policy.

Last updated: 07/11/2019