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The Live Adult Webcam Sites always values the transparency with you user, and we are constantly adapting the laws and regulations of the locations where we operate.

In keeping with this commitment, we make available on this page our Cookie Policy , which should be considered as a supplement to our Privacy Policy and Comments Policy.

If you wish to use our site, you must be AWARE and ACCEPT that we use cookies. And on this page you can find more detailed information about cookies, what we use, what they serve, what they collect, and more.

It is worth noting that despite the decision whether or not to accept the use of cookies by the user, denial of the use of this feature may impair the usability of our site, causing poor display of content or preventing the correct operation of certain functions, for example.

This policy is valid only for this domain:

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files (usually encrypted text) that are stored on your computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablets, etc.) through your browser at the request of the websites.

They can be either session/temporary cookies (which are used during the session and expire after closing the browser), such as permanent/eternal cookies (which are used during the session but remain on your computer or mobile device until you delete them).

There are also 2 types of cookies present on our site: Your own cookies, which are inserted by us on your computer or mobile device, and third-party cookies, which are services provided by third parties on our site.

In order to better understand what each cookie does within a site, we can categorize them this way:

  • PREFERENCES: A cookie category that allows you to remember information that changes how your site behaves or displays, such as the preferred language or the region the user is in. The primary purpose of this type of cookie is to better the user experience on the site, but does not stop it from working.
  • SECURITY: Cookie category used to verify user identity, to avoid fraudulent use of login credentials and to protect user data from unauthorized third parties.
  • ANALYTICS: A cookie category that aims to allow websites to understand and analyze how visitors use and interact with their pages and / or systems, by collecting information and statistics from using website reports. For this, you do not have to personally identify the users.
  • TRACKING: A cookie category that, by storing files on users’ devices, allows the recording of clicks on links, ads and business transactions, such as sales and leads.
  • ADVERTISING: A cookie category used to refine advertising to an impacted user profile, improving their experience and seeking to make advertisers more effective.
  • PROCESSES: Cookie category used to improve the functioning of the site, allowing users to find the services and information expected.

If you want to know even more details about cookies, these 2 sites can offer you more information:

2. Why do we use Cookies?

The main purpose of cookies is to allow the user’s browser to “remember” their actions and/or preferences over time, making it possible for websites that apply cookies to provide faster, more efficient and customized services to their users, eliminating the need repeatedly to enter the same information.

In other words, cookies allow, among other purposes, that you stay logged in to the comments system, interact correctly with our bulletin boards and notifications, or receive targeted advertising, for example.

All of this information collected by cookies is completely anonymous and does not identify you as a particular individual. This data is necessary and only used to allow the full operation of the site and its systems.

3. The Cookies We Use

In the table below you can check the cookies we use on this site because we use, with whom we share this data, and for how long the cookie remains stored on your computer or device.

__cfduidEternal | Third365 daysIt is the CloudFlare cookie, a service that does DNS, CDN and security management for our site.
_ga, _gid and _gatEternal and Session (respectively) | Third2 years, 24 hours, and 1 minute (respectively)These are Google Analytics cookies, a service that monitors and analyzes user access on our site.
_hjIncludedInSampleSession | Third365 daysIt is the Hotjar cookie, a service that monitors and analyzes the behavior of users when they visit our site.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessarySession | Own1 hourCookie that stores user confirmation for the use of cookies on our site.
pll_language and pll_cookieEternal | Own365 daysCookie that stores the selected language of the last page accessed by the user.

Our site may also occasionally contain on some of its pages embedded content from other third party sites. These contents work as if the user were directly accessing such content on another site, which may or may not use cookies and have a different Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy from ours.

4. How to manage cookies in your browser (browser)

Most browsers allow the user when visiting/accessing a site, accepting, refusing or deleting cookies from the site, using the appropriate settings in their browser.

This can usually be done through your browser’s “options” or “preferences” menus, and within the “cookies”, “privacy” or “browsing history” sessions. For more details follow the links of the official support pages of the main browsers of the market:

We emphasize, however, that by disabling partially or totally cookies, our site may present malfunction, loss of content, among other problems.

Removing or rejecting browser cookies does not necessarily affect third-party flashes used on our site. To delete or disable flash cookies, visit the Adobe Support Page for more information.

5. Changes to this Cookie Policy

The Live Adult Webcam Sites reserves the right at any time to change this Cookies Policy updating your content to suit your needs.

Whenever there is an update in this policy, the cookie notification bar of our site will be displayed to the user, with the link to the page that contains this Cookies Policy, and it is up to him to read and accept the new terms defined.

If you continue to browse our site after confirming that you are aware of the use of cookies, this will and will be deemed to be your unambiguous consent and irrevocable and irreversible acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.

6. Still having doubts? Contact us!

If you still have any questions about our Cookies Policy, you may be contacting us by email, using the form on our contact page.

Last updated: 08/11/2019