How to buy tokens in Chaturbate to use with models?

How to buy tokens in Chaturbate?

Want to learn how to buy tokens in Chaturbate?

With tokens you can have private or group shows with your favorite models, and you can peek at private shows from other Chaturbate users.

Another popular token option is to send vibrations to the model’s vibrators, stimulating them and ensuring the fun of masturbating them from a distance.

In addition, tokens can be used to request actions for the models, which can be a simple kiss for you, undressing or even starting a masturbation with your own fingers.

Anyway, you may also simply want to help the model by giving her tokens to her too, even without receiving anything in return. The possibilities are endless and you can choose what you want to do and with whom.

How to buy tokens in Chaturbate

To purchase tokens you must have a Chaturbate account created and verified. With you logged in, follow these steps:

1) In the upper right corner, in the box with information about your account, next to the amount of “Tokens” there is a link called “(Get More)“. Access it.

Chaturbate Get More Tokens Button

2º) In the popup that will open you will see at the top of the packs of tokens and their respective values ​​in Dollars (USD). Further below are the available payment methods, which are direct credit cards from Chaturbate, Epoch, PayPal, bank transfer, and cryptocurrencies.

Token Packs to Buy on Chaturbate

It is worth mentioning that token packs and their respective values ​​may change if you select other means of payment. And the more tokens you buy, the cheaper you pay per unit due to the progressive discount that is applied.

Our recommendation is that you purchase Chaturbate tokens primarily via credit card directly. To do this just select the desired amount of tokens, select “Credit Card” and click on the orange “Continue to payment page” button.

On the next page you must enter your first namelast nameemail addresszip/postal code, and country. After the information of the credit card, as a card number, CVV2/CVC2 number and expiration date. Finish by clicking the “Submit Payment” button.

Chaturbate Credit Card Payment Page

If your card has been denied or you prefer to pay through a third party system, other alternatives are to use Epoch or PayPal. Both have screens and procedures very similar to those already shown above.

3) If everything is done correctly, your payment will be approved, and within 40 minutes your tokens will be posted to your Chaturbate account. Don’t forget to refresh the page by browser to check your tokens in the “You have:” section of the top box.

Tokens in your Chaturbate account

Tips for buying tokens in Chaturbate

If you are buying tokens on Chaturbate it is important that you take a look at these tips we have separated here below:

  • Not on an anonymous or private Google Chrome tab or other web browser. This can make the process difficult and cause errors.
  • Check in the browser that Chaturbate can open pop-ups. This disability option may compromise the entire procedure)
  • We recommend that Chaturbate token purchase be done primarily via computer to facilitate and streamline the process.
  • You can buy with prepaid credit cards, but give preference to traditional bank and finance cards, especially international ones.
  • If your purchase is denied by your card provider, contacting your card provider may resolve the issue as this is often an automatic lock for security reasons.
  • If the payment page does not open, one of the reasons may be your antivirus. In this case you can temporarily disable it and make the payment without risk, as the environment is 100% secure.
  • As buying more tokens saves you even more money, we recommend that you buy larger packages (over 500 tokens) to make the most of your Chaturbate experience.
  • It is important to say that by default there is a daily limit of 4 token pack purchases. This is one more reason to opt for larger packages, and not risk running out of tokens at the most interesting time.
  • On the Token Purchase page you get an offer to earn 200 Tokens for free for becoming a premium user right from the start. But remember this is a recurring subscription of $19.95/month, and you won’t get any more tokens besides these.
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